Corner Pub Brewery – Smoked Porter

This Friday we have a Smoked Porter from Corner Pub Brewery in Reedsburg, WI.  The capacity at Corner Pub is only 100bbl per year, which means that the only place to sample their beer is on tap at the Corner Pub in Reedsburg.  While you’re there don’t forget to check out the large mural on the side of the building, which describes the brief “Hop Boom” that took place in Reedsburg during the 19th century.  On your way out, make sure to buy some homemade bread too, as it is made with the spent grains from the brewing process.  Here’s how the beer adds up:

Aroma: An overtone of creamy caramel, with an undertone that can best be described as root beer. (14/15)

Flavor: The beer begins with strong coffee flavors combined with a hint of smokiness and bitterness.  The middle is where the coffee flavor really comes through in a powerful but not overwhelming way.  A surprising amount of mild hops bring balance to the end of the beer, but coffee makes a return and dominates the aftertaste. (18/20)

Appearance: Strong, sustained head on top of a dark body with hues of deep amber visible. (3/3)

Mouthfeel: Smooth, with a medium to full body, and no alcohol burn. (3/3)

Overall Impression: A flavorful porter that does an excellent job of balancing deep coffee flavors with the right amount of hops.  Easy to drink from start to finish, and well worth a trip to Reedsburg. (10/10)

Total Score: 47/50

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