New Belgium Brewing – Fat Tire Amber Ale

This Friday we have Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewing Co. in Fort Collins, CO. Fat Tire has quickly become one of the most popular microbrews in the world, and this is no wonder, because it is made by one of the best Microbreweries in the world, New Belgium Brewing Co.  Besides making great beer, they are leaders in sustainability, taking advantage of everything from wind power to alternative transportation.  They are a model of what a microbrewery should be.  Here is how the beer adds up:

Aroma: Mild hops create a floral aroma in the overtone that entices but doesn’t overwhelm.  The undertone displays a developed ale yeast with a hint of sweetness. (14/15)

Flavor: The beer begins with hops of medium bitterness, which then give way to very slight notes of citrus and grains, which smooth each other over and give a distinguished middle.  A metallic flavor is barely noticeable at the end, and it doesn’t distract at all.  The aftertaste begins with pleasant, low bitterness  hops, before fading into nothing. (19/20)

Appearance: A dark honey hue with perfect clarity and a strong sustained head.  Properly carbonated. (3/3)

Mouthfeel: A perfect mouthfeel, with velvety texture and no alcohol burn.  The beer completely satisfies without feeling too dense or thin. (3/3)

Overall Impression: There is a reason that this beer has become so popular, and it’s not just because distribution has increased massively in the last several years.  The real reason is that this beer is near perfect; from first pour to last drop, this beer hits all the marks and leaves you wanting another.  This is only made better by the fact that New Belgium is one of the most respected, if not the most respected, microbrewery in operation today. (10/10)

Total Score: 48/50

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